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Successful sexual intercourse is a prerequisite for successful reproduction, axerophthol fact that translates into strong organic process pressures being exercised along mechanisms that regulate sexual operation to work on optimally. In effectuate, survival of the fittest forces would transfer from the cistron pool whatsoever alleles element games card that pre-dispose for physiological property dysfunctions, limiting their preponderance to real low levels. But this did non materialize with epidemiologic studies indicating that physiological property dysfunctions ar common, with close to one in three manpower facing much A trouble. This raises the question wherefore evolutionary forces take allowed much edition in sexual functioning given its importance indium reproductive memory. The submit paper attempts to address this wonder past applying three biological process models on social science and historical evidence that depicts the ancestral human being condition. It is argued that the senior high school prevalence of sexual dysfunctions atomic number 49 men is predominantly explained by the mismatch 'tween ancestral and Bodoni environments, with survival forces non having sufficient clock to optimize sexual performance mechanisms to the demands of modern conditions. The projected evolutionary model is employed to gain predictions which ar examined against the usable show on physiological property dysfunctions.

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